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Baa salaam be hame az didane akshaaye zibaa az iran va az shahre khodam rasht lezzat bordam delam mikhaad har shab ke mikhabam khaabe rasht ro bebinam.
Baa tashakkor az shoma

Nasim from UK

I just wanted to say that I can't tell you how much I was impressed with your great pics from north of persia ,hey guy u're wonderful ,thank u so much that u made me such a nice feeling that I screamed & cried when I saw those from chaloos. I loved your page,just keep on - we all love our land so we need to remember it's grace every now & then. u did ,u showed the pure beauty & u made us remember our land & our identity ,thanx again ,my girlfriend changed her mind about my land from a desert 2 a green paradise.
by the way u're one of the best photographers I ever saw - a terrific one, so go on with more pic cause u can !

Sorena 22 y/o Rhodes-Greece

Thank you so much, My Iran is much more beautiful than what I used to imagine, nice job!

Nima from Monaco


Jean Fred P.

Thanks for the wonderful selection of pictures. We greatly enjoyed them. It brought back great memories for my husband.

Reza from Sweden (malmo)

I like the pictures.

yasmeen (age 7)


Behzad, Canada

hi' i just wanted to say i loved when i saw these great pictures. i was born in Rasht and did not see it for 15 years.
Thank you


I'm Ruba Noufal,I saw the pictures of Iran ...They are wonderful ....I hope to send me more photoes to my that I can keep them or send them to my friends.
Thank you


Hi there,
We are about to make the largest Iran Portal in german language and want to ask you for use of you images for some of our sections.
We will list your site in iran related links and note that the this images are from you.

regards Shahram Fallahdoust
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This are very nice fotos. Iran became more and more better, because iranian people try very much for a better life. My husband is iranian.I like very much IRAN and iranian people. Please show us more about IRAN.

Mehrdad and Virna.

Just a quick note to say thank you for your lovely pictures..!! I have been totally hypnotise by them..I am from shomal myself and the photos about Ramsar and Chalus made me cry...I had to Email them to my boy friend,who has never been to Iran and he was totally taken back by both the beauty and your photography skills...Please add more pictures to your site..


As it is known, part of Talesh from present border of Iran till Hashtarkhan or Astarakhan also is Talesh. today is part of the country recognized as Caucasian Azerbaijan. I would like very much to get the pictures of that part.Alief claims that they are turcs.
good luck.

Ahmad Tavakoli

Hi there,congratulation a realy great fabulous Page !!!!

Yours is a very nice Site! By surfing inside your page you constantly feel the Site is done from people they afford a lot of love on the creation of this Web page. Great Page,Design,Pics and very interresting INFOS. Haven't visited for a whileand thought I should check it out.... Keep up the good work.

Also to visite your nice country soon....i hope.
My page is about traveling. My last trip was australia at april 2000 for one month.
I would be glad for an entry into my guestbook.

Greetings from Upperaustria. Fritz Huber
Take care

To whom it may concern,
Thanks for your selfless effort in establishing this wonderful uncommercial site. Your noble intention of bringing fabulous images from different regions of our beloved motherland to all homesick Iranians and Iran lovers around the world is admirable!
wish you much more success in your quest of presenting a wholesome on-line photo gallery of images (hopefully one day from every corner) of Iran.

Kourosh Hamidi, California

By this I want to say.
Thank you to make and create of this nice and beautiful site. I think everybody enjoys to look at them or to download.
With regards

Parviz from Holland

Great photos of Gilan, please keep adding more pictures to this site.

Shahrokh Meshkat

"Picture can convey thousand words".Your professionally photographedpictures bringing the old memories back.Especially helping me to pass on a part of my homeland history to my children who never seen Iran (Gilan,Mazanderan,Azarbaijan and...).Thank you for the excellent work!...keep it up!

Ardeshir N.(Southern California)

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. My parents are from Rasht. I can still remember the fabulous smell of the rice fields driving from Rasht to Tehran, when my family was in Iran visiting 21 years ago. I printed a few of your photos and had shown my mother---her eyes began to glimmer as if she was instantaneously reminiscing about her beautiful home town. I thank you for putting a smile on my mom's face. I would love to see more photos of Northern Iran.

Mac Ebrahimzadeh

Auriez vous des photos de la mer caspienne avec des oiseaux ou des pˆcheurs pour utiliser dans un magazine de presse d'entreprise? Merci

Gérard Renouf

Je suis à regarder ces images de L'IRAN!    Fantastique, je projette un voyage dans ce pays cet automne, Merci pour cela . Bonsoir

Jeanne Simard

I wish to thank you for the great photos you show.Since I can't visit my "VATAN" and for more than 20 years I'm far from my home, I thank you for the opportunity you let us to have a glance to my city.I'll be glad to see more photos of Tehran specialy from the Albors high-school and Kakh street and any other place of Tehran.Thank you againAfshin

Effi & Orly Nassimi

I saw your site by accident and was really impressed. What I found missing however was pictures of people.... close up's of citizens going about daily lives. I find those fastinating.




Thanks for the wonderful selection of pictures. We greatly enjoyed them. It brought back great memories for my husband.

Irma from Winnipeg, Canada

I had a moment to review your wonderful job regarding beautiful spots in our great mother land ( Iran) . Congratulations to your endeavor to promote our great country through internet

Best regards

Mohammad Omidi Toronto, Canada

Thank you for showing the world these beautiful pictures of Iran, especially in these times when Iran has been forced to cover its beautiful face with an ugly mask it is so un-deserving of wearing.


I had really enjoid visiting your page by looking at those nice fotos from north of Iran where my family comes from. Dametun garm.

Ramin M.,Vienna,Austria

The photoes you have taken in Iran is really wonderful, I appreciate it very much. Perhaps you could send me some information or keep me informed whenever new photoes of Iran's nature, especially the photoes of the Iranian's living lifestyle were developed in future.

A zillion thanks to you.

Michelle Ng

The site is designed and managed real well. Pictures have been taken real professionally and scenery is beautiful. There should be more pictures in my opinion.

M. Neshat, Arkansas

hello to everyone and the site owner. when i lived in iran many years, i managed to travel to parts of iran. when i was a small boy, i could barely remember the sceneries. i only remember the road to north from my later years and like everybody else, it brought back a lot of memories.
i wish the photographer good luck and encourage him/her to post more pictures because when i can't go to iran, i can only fantasize being there with such picturesque views of our homeland. a land i left with hope of going back someday to live there.
feri, los angeles

Wouldn't be a bad idea if you could put some old pictures from our country, if available.

Rody Rustai

I enjoyed visiting your site very much.
It took me back home to 20 years ago!

thank you, and keep up the good job!

Sara Sedighi, Texas

Thank you for a great selection of pictures of Iran.  I haven't been there since 1978........ how things have changed!   It is beautiful.....


You have beatiful pictures. they are outstanding.
thanks alot


The pictures are beautiful, and very well photographed.
Classy demonstration in your part of showing a beautiful segment of wonderful country.
Thank you.
God bless Iran,
Aryo Tabrizi

The pictures are absolutely beautiful. It brought the memories from my recent journey to Iran back. I was in Iran back in 1997 and that was my first time after 13 years. Things have definitely changed and since I am a nature lover, I noticed things that I never noticed while I was living there. The mountains surrounding the capital city, "Shomal-e Iran." The nature is as beautiful as the ones over Canada, Switzerland, Japan, USA..., but the nature in Iran appealed to me a lot more. (I have lived in these places during my life). I guess it was the deep sense of belonging that made it more enjoyable for me. As Molavi said (and I am not sure if I got the translation right)
"I felt like a reef that was torn from its roots in the marshland and was floating in the open water without a direction. But one day, it managed to float back to its root and get connected again"

Keep up the good work.
Hossein C. and Sanibrite

This is a great site with many good quality and professionally taken pictures. I hope that you can enlarge your collection quickly with the help of the public. The site is fast and images load quickly. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards
Faramarz Valafar

Ici un tout petit message pour partager mes pensées par rapport à votre site internet. Votre idée est géniale et je vous dis que j'avais aucun problème vis-à-vis d'obtenir les images. Elles étaient visibles promptement, en partant, et j'ai trouvé que les couleurs étaient belles ( très surprenant avec un 33.6 k modem et un VGA à 14 pouces).

Nous avons plusieurs coins dans le monde que nous ne pouvons pas visiter dans une vie, mais avec ce concept, et le fait que " les gens mondiales " pourraient contribuer des photos, imaginez-vous cette biblio-visuelles confondantes!

J'espère à voir beaucoup plus dans l'avenir.

Georgia Kalavritinos
Montréal, Québec

The pictures were beautiful, and very well photographed. The scenery brought back old memories of my own childhood, and the numerous times that I have traveled those mountainous tracks from Tehran to Chaloos. have traveled around the world a great deal, and I yet have to find a road that is as beautiful as the "Jadeyeh Shomal". Thanks again for bringing the old memories back, and showing the rest of the world a side of Iran that they probably haven't seen.


Kambiz Roshan

Hello, this was my first time visiting your site and i think the pictures are very beautiful and you should keep up the good work. However, i was wondering if it is possible to post more nature pictures. Especially ones with trees (palm and date), water, and some animals. Keep up the excellent work!


Very nice page layout and composition! The page loaded quickly over my 28.8 modem connection, and the images look great ! I was impressed with the lushness of the countryside - I did not expect to see olive gardens in that part of the world !

Dominic Torquato, New York

The pictures are very nice and well taken. In personal note the pictures from Tehran-Chalus remind me of 21 years ago when I used to travel between Tehran and Chalus and brought back nice memories. The only comment I have about the pictures from Tehran that it would be nice to have some pictures from Bazar and Chelo Kabab restaurants and Jewelry places.

Amir Shidfar.

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