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Chalus scenic road
  Chalus Road in Photos  
Chalus scenic road photo

An amazing scenic mountain road, Route 59 or Chalus road passes through varying scenic segments, from semi-arid to snow covered and rocky to lush green mountains in the north, Iran

Karaj river

Chalus road starts off from the city of Karaj along the Karaj river and snakes through the mountains with varying scenery, Alborz province, Iran

A Karaj riverside restaurant

One of the many riverside picnic and garden restaurants along the Karaj river, Chalus road, Alborz province, Iran

Carpeted sitting platforms alongside Chalus river

Popular Iranian carpeted siting platforms (Takht in Persian) alongside the Karaj river, Chalus road, Alborz province, Iran

Karaj lake photo

Lake formed by Amir-Kabir or Karaj dam, along the Chalus road (Route 59), Alborz province, Iran

Lakeside village of Varian

Lakeside village of Varian, Karaj lake, Alborz province, Iran

Autumn photo of the lakeside village of Varian

Lakeside village of Varian next to Karaj lake, photo was taken in autumn, Alborz province, Iran

The river along Chalus road

Main stream along Chalus road, flowing into the Karaj lake, Alborz province, Iran

The streams along Chalus road

Streams along Chalus road, join into the main river flowing toward Karaj lake, Alborz province, Iran

Kandevan mountain pass soup restaurants

Roadside soup restaurants in Kandevan-Pass, at the hights of Chalus road, with an elevation of 2,863m (9,393 ft), Alborz province, Iran

Chalus road descent

Right after Kandevan Pass, Chalus road starts its descent, offering a stunning view over the gorges, streams and waterfalls, Mazandaran province, Iran

Canyon viewed from Chalus road

A deep gorge viewed from the Chalus road, right after the Kandevan Pass, Mazandaran province, Iran

Closeup view of the canyon from Chalus road

A closeup view of the gorge from Chalus road, Mazandaran province, Iran

Large photo of a cascading waterfall

A cascading waterfall, viewed from Chalus road, Mazandaran province, Iran

Chalus hairpin road photo

After a significant elevation drop and series of hairpin turns, Chalus road reaches the bottom of the canyon and countinues along the river, Mazandaran province, Iran

A roadside stop

A local specialty vendor in Chalus road stop, Masandaran province, Iran

A souvenir store in Chalus

A souvenir and local specialty store in a Chalus roadside stop, Mazandaran province, Iran

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