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Baku Photo Collection

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City Center

Over time, Baku has expanded from the old 15th century and earlier fortified town into a large metropolitan modern city rising up the hills surrounding the bay. Most of the city center was built in the European style during the Oil Boom of the 1870 to 1920 period around the walls of the old town now referred to as Ichari Shahar (Inner City).
Ichari Shahar or Old Town
Baku old city

Greenery Balconies

Old European and native style homes, two and three-story high with overhanging balconies, are the common feature of the citys' landscape. On the balconies, grapevines climb over stone walls, fences and street cables creating under the vine leaves charming shelters from Baku hot summer sun.
Photos vines covering old houses in Baku
Old houses in Baku


Today's Baku is really three cities rolled into one: the Old Town, the Boom-Town and the Soviet Built Town.
It is common belief that the most prominent characteristic of the city is its architecture. No place in the world looks like Baku and no place replicate its architectural style, a unique synthesis of both east and west.
Baku's Soviet time buildings International Film Festival award presentation
Ulista old Khagani and Hajinski's residence and
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