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Baku Photo Collection

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Shehidlar Khiyabani (Martyrs' Lane)

A memorial park with an excellent panoramic view stretching from the Caspian Sea across the entire city dedicated to the victims of the Soviet army crackdown on January 20, 1990 and the Armenian invasion right after independence. It includes a cemetery where victims are buried along a granite wall shaded by dwarf cypress and pine trees, as well as on the hill overlooking the Caspian Sea and the city.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Atashgah, meaning place of fire in Persian, is located in the village of Surakhany. The historical roots of this temple go back thousands of years to the hoary past of Zoroastrianism. It was the predominant religion of ancient Iranians with its central theme of the struggle between the good spirit Ahura Mazda and evil Ahriman.
The natural flaming torches of gas escaping from under the ground were the source of temple fires and are believed to have given Azerbaijan its name "Land of Fires".

Atashgah as Caravansarai

Most of the current structure was built from the 17th to mid-19th century financed by Indian Parsi merchants. Rooms, stables and a guest room (Balakhaneh) were built to accommodate pilgrims and merchant caravans. Thus, the complex has looks similar to a Caravansarai (medieval Inn) with a large central courtyard, but it is different in that it has an altar in its center and small cells for the temple's attendants and ascetics.

Statues of poets

Sabir - A monument to the poet and satire writer Mirza Alakbar Sabir (1862-1911). The statue, sculpted by J. Garyagry, is located in a park adjacent to the walls of the Old City.
Vahid - A uniquely carved statue of a large head in honor of the poet Vahid (1896-1965) sculpted by Rahib Hasanov and Arif Mansurov. Scenes from his works are depicted on the neck and hair.

Nizami and Villa Nobel

Nizami - The 12th century Azerbaijani poet is considered to be the greatest romantic epic poet in Persian literature. His fourth poem Haft-Paykar (Seven Beauty) is depicted in the series of statues in the center of the Fountain Square.
Villa Nobel - Commonly called "Black Town" because of the clouds that spewed from its refineries, owned by the Nobel brothers: Robert, Ludwig and Alfred (founder of the Nobel Prize). Their mansion still sits in a ruined lot in this part the city.
Nizami Statues
House of Nobel brothers in Baku
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