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Mazandaran Photo Collection

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Babolsar and Sari

Babolsar - This leading seaside resort city, 268 km from Tehran, is a popular vacation destination for visitors from Tehran. The city is divided by the Babol river into eastern and western sections and has a beautiful fishing port and recreational areas on the banks of the river.

Sari - Capital of the northern province of Mazandaran, this ancient city has been destroyed and rebuilt several times in the course of history. Its major landmark is a clock tower built on Clock Square in the city center.

Fishiing port in Iran's Caspian Sea region of Mazandaran
Caspian city of Sari in north of Iran

Sisangan Forest Park

Sisangan National Forest Park is one of the region's major tourist destinations. 31 km east of the city of Noshahr, the forest stretches on a narrow strip from the shores of the Caspian Sea to the Alborz mountains peaks and it offers many recreational activities including horseback riding in the forest, and picnic areas with facilities.
Photos beaches in Mazandaran province of Iran
Sisangan Forest Park in Iran's Mazandaran Province

Noshahr and Chalus

Noshahr - Seaport closest to Tehran and one of the two cities in the province with an airport, Noshahar is a major transit point between the littoral states on the Caspian Sea. Its mild climate, beaches and proximity to the Sisangan Forest Park make it a popular vacation destination.

Chalus - In addition to linking the capital city to the northern provinces of the country, Chalus is located in the center of many popular seaside and mountain resorts, only 200 km from Tehran. This ideal location makes it one of the most visited cities of the province.

Caspian city of Noshahr in Iranian province of Mazandaran
Chalus in Iran's region of Caspian Sea


On the west coast of the Mazandaran province, surrounded by orange orchards, Ramsar is a seaside resort built on a narrow land strip. The town extends from the shore to the slopes of the forested Alborz mountains. It is by far the most scenic and prestigious resort town on the Caspian Sea shore, known for its natural hot spring baths and pebble beaches. It has been host to many international conferences and dignitaries.
Ramsar in Iranian city of Caspian region
Caspian city of Ramsar in Iran
  Southern Caspian Sea video clip, Microsoft WMV plugin is required to play this video
Soutern Caspian Sea from Aras to Damavand video clip
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