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  Photos of Alborz mountains and Tehran-Chalus hightway Click on an image for full size view

Karaj-Chalus Road

After passing the resort areas on the banks of the Karaj river and an artificial lake, created by an impressive hydro-electric dam, the road winds up along deep and beautiful gorges of the Alborz mountain range then turns into a hairpin road carved in the mountains abrupt slopes before reaching the summits.
Images of Karaj-Chalus highway passing through Alborz mountains
Tehran Chalus road photos in Iran

Alborz Mountains Heights

At the heights of the mountain range on a clear day, Karaj-Chalus highway offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Alborz massif; occasionally pockets of clouds can be seen trapped between mountains reminding us of the olympian scale of the mountain chain.
Mountains in North of Iran
Northern mountainous region of Iran

Natural Rock Formations

The shapes of rocks in the high mountains are a geological curiosity. Unusual shapes standing out along the highway form natural columns constructed on steep cliffs, and layers of rocks stacked over each other to create these formidable mountains are typical examples of the most remarkable Jurassic rock formation.
North of Iran, Alborz mountains photos
Rocky mountain roads in northern Iran


Before crossing the thin line bisecting the densely forested northern slopes of the Alborz massif from the southern side covered with Juniper forests, the highway abruptly drops in altitude over a short distance and turns into a hairpin road offering colorful views. Eventually it reaches a river rushing through rocks at the foot of the mountain and follows its course toward Kelardasht and Marzanabad.
Road pictures in northern Iranian mountainous region
Mountain photos in southern Casian Sea region of Chalus
  Southern Caspian Sea video clip, Microsoft WMV plugin is required to play this video
Soutern Caspian Sea from Aras to Damavand video clip
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